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Sonar Venture

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Amien Krisna is an experienced web and game developer with over 15 years of experience. After graduating in Information Technology from the Universitas Gunadarma in 2002, he worked as an app developer at Perwanal #10, a marketing agency that was later acquired by Saatchi & Saatchi. He left Perwanal in 2005 to found a digital marketing and development agency that he exited in 2012. Amien went on to co-found Sonar, a digital media analytics platform. He is now the CEO of Sonar and is also the managing director of Kana Cipta Media, a digital marketing agency.

Mohammad Ridwan Agustiawan is an experienced software developer and self-professed gamer. He graduated from RWTH Aachen University in Germany, with a master’s in Informatics. He worked there as a research assistant between 2007 and 2009 before returning to Indonesia. He worked as a programmer and product manager in various companies such as Indonesian adtech startup SITTI, before joining digital marketing agency Kana Cipta Media where he still works as acting manager of its technical department. He is also a co-founder and CTO of Sonar, a digital media analytics platform.

The venture arm of American cloud computing company Salesforce has invested in more than 150 companies since 2009. 

Inveready Technology Investment Group was awarded Spain's best asset management firm in by ASCRI, the Spanish Venture Capital & Private Equity Association. It manages €92 million through six different investment vehicles, investing in technology companies through hybrid financial instruments. It has a portfolio that covers over 80 startups from B2B and B2C services to drug discovery and SaaS companies. 

Formerly headed Star CV, a Chinese celebrity venture capital institution.

Founded in 2014, Prosperico Ventures targets the healthcare sector. The VC has invested in nearly 30 startups working on medical devices, pharmaceutical R&D, provision of medical services and precision medicine.

Serial entrepreneur Lu Tong is co-founder of college social networking app Shixiongbangbangmang, microcredit processing platform Shuaidanbao and a luxury brand leasing venture.

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