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Using a motorcycle taxi network as its backbone, Gojek is a one-stop app for everything on-demand – transport, courier, food delivery, even massage and house cleaning. Payment via cash or GoPay, an e-wallet that can be used for Gojek services and other payments.

App for overseas chauffeured car service; book 3 days to 24 hours ahead. Local Huiwan-trained drivers speak Mandarin, double up as tour guides. Booking includes insurance, simple claim process. Besides having access to Huiwan’s offices in top destinations, travelers can also resolve any issues when back in China.

Veniam's NetRider box runs on native software and cellular, Wi-Fi and DSRC signals, forming a mesh network open to devices with continuous connectivity. Via agreements with OEMs and tier 1 manufacturers, the technology should soon be incorporated in connected and autonomous vehicles. Boxes send real-time data to Veniam's cloud for analytics.

Yellow bicycles for rental, each with a serial number plate and lock. Users key in the bike’s series number on the Ofo app, generating a password to unlock the bike and start the timer until the bike is locked again. After a trip, the Ofo system will record location data from the user mobile phone’s real-time GPS and pin the returned bike as available on its online map.

Orange bicycles equipped with GPS devices and smart locks for rental at RMB 0.5/hour in China. Mobike bicycles come with solid tires for lower deterioration rates and maintenance costs, compared with competitors’ bikes. The Mobike app lets users find nearby available bikes, unlock them and make payment for rental.

Light blue bicycles each equipped with a serial number plate, QR code and smart lock. Users scan the QR code on the app to unlock the bike, with a timer and charges running until the bike is parked at a designated station and locked again. Rental fee starts at RMB 1/hour but drops RMB 0.1 every time the user introduces a new user, until as low as RMB 0.1/hour. Electronic parking stations are visible only on app’s online map.

With an innovative model for integrated supply chain management based on an online platform, IT and supply chain financing, YH Global offers a range of logistics services to global companies. Its “C2B+DIY” model covers logistics distribution, order management, cross-border e-commerce, financial support, warehouse management, supply chain finance, etc.

Shenma provides two main services, “xinyongdai” and “shenmafenqi.” Through “xinyongdai,” rural vehicle dealers can borrow money without providing collateral. Shenma checks records from motorcycle manufacturers and distributors to verify dealers’ credit. Through “shenmafenqi,” Shenma makes loans to rural consumers to buy vehicles.

Commander, Pulsar and Copper are different models of domestic and commercial chargers for electric and hybrid vehicles. Charging times for batteries are reduced by 10 times. The Smart Charging System automatically charges the vehicle during periods when electricity prices are lower. Each device is controlled by a smartphone app.

Bipi is Llollo Mobility’s new door-to-door car rental app that serves Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia. Users can choose from economy, business and premium models as well as electric cars (Tesla Model S), which are delivered within an hour. Users enjoy full insurance, roadside assistance, live customer service and replacement cars.

Self-driving system that transforms regular cars into Level 4 autonomous vehicles, starting at designing phase. Using camera-, radar- and LiDAR-based sensors, system ensures vehicle stable operation in multiple environments and under any weather conditions. Other products include supporting systems Vehicle Control Center and Pony Human Interface (PonyHI).

Xpeng has launched its first production model, the G3 SUV. It has a panoramic windshield; a 360-degree roof camera that can record video; an HD touchscreen that integrates various control functions; a self-parking function that can handle most parking scenarios; and a cloud service that remotely downloads and upgrades applications.

ChainGo's Ethereum-powered platform digitizes all paperwork to facilitate the efficient flow of paperless documentation throughout the supply chains. Blockchain guarantees the authenticity and transparent tracking of all documents because each party independently creates its own unique documents and data to form the links in each chain.

DuduBus matches buses from rental companies with large enterprises to provide shuttle services for employees to the workplace and to other company events. It also provides SaaS to business users, enabling them to monitor the shuttle service, such as real time location, and carpooling services to individual users. 

SigmaRail's flagship product, SigmaQ, is an integrated solution for mapping railway signalling resources, surveillance and maintenance. It features a geographical information system platform (GIS), a laser-based data capturing system, drones and cameras. Its machine learning algorithms deliver analysis and insights to users.

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