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Besides the regular restaurant search/booking, rating, review and photo-sharing features, Qraved lets users enjoy exclusive discounts and promotions, and earn points with every booking, redeemable for dining vouchers. Other fresh elements include professionally curated eating guides, users’ own curated guides that they can share, and food-related news. Via website, app.

Gadjian allows employers to keep track of their employees’ personnel data, attendance records, payroll, income tax and national healthcare (BPJS) premium. The SaaS application is cloud-based, and emphasizes the importance of design and user-friendliness.

App for booking pet grooming, washing and other services by trained groomers. The online platform also answers pet health-related queries and connects users with nearby pet lovers. Offline, it has its own pet shops providing higher-end services and a pet groomers training school. Offers cloud SaaS for pet shops too.

Recruitment/HR SaaS lets corporate clients post job ads, manage and store CVs, etc., from different websites, over a single platform powered by cloud computing. Also offers WeChat recruitment content management, talent big data and analytics, and talent recommendations. For individuals, Ifchange offers career consulting, job search and competitiveness analyses. (which means “Hungry?” in Chinese) is an on-demand meal delivery app connecting diners with eateries/restaurants. For eateries, provides the software and technology for their order management, billing and tracking needs. It is also their fresh foods supplier (under “Youcai”). also runs Fengniao (“Hummingbird), an intracity courier service.

Quintal is a hybrid of the school information system and the learning management system. The SaaS is specially designed for the Indonesian K-12 education system, with customized online learning and assessment modules. The cloud-based portal also helps to integrate all non-academic functions including school communication, finance and administration.

Jurnal is a simple, user-friendly online accounting and bookkeeping software that complies with Indonesia’s financial regulations. Its bookkeeping process is geared to the business needs of SMEs. Features include instant updated reports and a shared ledger processing system for invoicing and asset management by the business owners and accountants.

Leveraging analytics and algorithms, Rekruta is a one-stop recruitment platform. Its Applicant Tracking System (ATS) lets HR managers manage their recruiting pipeline on a seamless platform, and is fully integrated with Rekruta's applicant search engine, Radar. Rekruta Hire is a job portal free for applicants, but companies pay per hire.

Moka provides cloud-based, mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) app and services. Features include outlet management, reporting and analytics, CRM and cashless payment infrastructure. It also sells hardware such as cash registers and barcode scanners customized for the app.

Indonesian language-based dialogue engine, is powered by natural language processing (NLP) that can be used to build customized chatbots for each client. can handle customer service, marketing engagement and data gathering.

The Sonar Platform is a digital media monitoring service that helps clients to effectively monitor online sentiments and engagement metrics. It is powered by Big Data analytics and a customized language analysis algorithm that can determine mood and sentiments associated with specific keywords.

Trax Center is an Android smart vehicle app that uses the global positioning system (GPS) to provide anti-theft measures, location tracking and other critical vehicle monitoring notifications. It allows users to get theft alerts and even remotely cut off the engine if required in the case of stolen vehicles.

Real-time B2B insights provider for proactive sales management, maximizing CRM's abilities with minimal effort. Provides SalesForce and Hubspot integration via Slack; Attentive Bot provides alerts and automatic updates of CRM. Boosts KPIs via automatic provision of AI-powered intelligence on clients, recommendations of sales actions, provision of metrics.

CoolFarm offers three precision farming solutions sold through authorized resellers. CoolFarm in/control is the main-market integrated solution; in/store caters to large retailers, small markets, restaurants, hotels and communities. The Eye is a cloud-based optical sensor/crops monitor.

Cloud-based SaaS omnichannel customer service center with over 25 integration options, including Salesforce, Zendesk, SugarCRM, Shopify. Ready in minutes and requires only a Web browser. Clients can interact with customers by voice, SMS, video; create automated workflows for seamless data integration, helping business decision-making and improving customer relations.

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