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Training & Coaching

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Besides caregivers, healthcare specialists and medical deliveries; Insan Medika also provides ambulances, airport helpers and in-flight nurses to Indonesians seeking medical treatments abroad. The human resources platform also has nannies to accompany youngsters while travelling for medical or educational purposes. Clients get discounts from its online pharmaceutical e-store partner.

Inibudi is a social enterprise that provides free online videos on subjects such as Mathematics, Science and foreign languages for all education levels. The e-learning videos are available at any time to all students, teachers, parents and members of the public.

SWORD’s Phoenix is a SaaS platform interacting with the patient via a tablet displaying performance and sensors strapped to the body part treated when a patient undergoes therapy.  The sensors relay results and progress to the platform that are monitored externally by SWORD's team and reported to the physiotherapist. 

Kuaipeilian provides post-lesson piano tutorials to children aged 4-16 via an app. The company's platform recommends tutors to students based on both parties' availability. During practice sessions, tutors watch students play piano using a fisheye camera provided by Kuaipeilian and offer guidance via live streaming.

Tiantian Xuenong is a professionally-generated content platform that provides agricultural education. The courses, mainly delivered through videos and podcasts, are taught by agricultural experts and experienced farmers. The curriculum covers farming knowledge, national agricultural policies and business skills such as marketing and sales. Most courses require a subscription fee.

Codemao provides courses and tools to teach children coding. Rocket Coding, which uses toy blocks to teach the basics, is for children aged 4-7. Older children learn to code using languages, e.g., Kitten, a visual programming language developed by Codemao, and Python.

SaaS creating a content store, a html5 page in WeChat where WeChat users can pay for premium content, for each client. The page can be shared and accessed within WeChat. It provides a back-end system via its website, app, WeChat official account and mini program for clients to upload content, track user engagement, etc. 

Squirrel AI's online educational system provides K12 extracurricular personalized tutoring. Students do tests to receive the suitable study content in videos and exercises, and the system would keep monitoring to recommend the right content. There are also human teachers assisting the system by providing emotional support and other supports in its offline institutions or through live-streaming.

Having web, app and WeChat mini program end, Tangdou allows users to watch dance tutorials, record dance videos with beautifying filters, comment and interact with other dancers, form groups to share life stories and dance tutorials. The dance tutorials were both uploaded by users and Tangdou signed dance teachers. provides a blockchain-powered edtech platform that brings together students, teachers and employers. It tokenizes education with TUT and Smart TUT (STUT) tokens, which are used and earned by students and teachers.

Founded in December 2013, MOOC-CN Education is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tsinghua Holdings. It is headquartered in Beijing and invests in education startups with a focus on online education.

Ataria Ventures is an early stage fund that offers predominantly Latin American investors and corporations access to technology startups in Israel and Silicon Valley. It has invested in more than 30 startups  across a variety of industries and sectors, including Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Virtual Reality, foodtech, agritech, consumer, and health. 

Qingsong Fund was founded in 2012. One of its three founders is Liu Xiaosong, serial entrepreneur and early investor of Tencent. It mainly invests in early stage startups. Its focuses include training, education, culture, entertainment, consumption upgrade and artificial intelligence. It manages around RMB 2 billion. In 2018, it founded a new fund focusing on cutting edge technology. Till November 2018, it has invested in over 140 startups. The return of half the exited startups is over 60 folds. 

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