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Artificial Intelligence

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English-language preschool and primary education by immersion. Imported US syllabus, teaching materials, and exams and assessments, with TESOL-certified foreign teachers, offer the “opportunity to study abroad without leaving China”. With 40+ schools across the country; and complementary Beile Cloud online learning system powered by AI, adaptive learning and AR/VR technologies.

Free app for learning spoken English with paid courses. Using AI and algorithms, its lessons are automatically individually tailored to improve pronunciation and speaking in an interactive manner, and create the habit of speaking the language. Games and social media lead users to share, motivate each other in their learning.

Using artificial intelligence, Mioji Travel processes real-time Web data – OTA content, travel products, user reviews, etc. in various languages – to automatically generate detailed customized travel itineraries. It now sells its system to travel agencies and travel customization platforms, although previously it targeted paying consumers using its platform.

Indonesian language-based dialogue engine, is powered by natural language processing (NLP) that can be used to build customized chatbots for each client. can handle customer service, marketing engagement and data gathering.

Real-time B2B insights provider for proactive sales management, maximizing CRM's abilities with minimal effort. Provides SalesForce and Hubspot integration via Slack; Attentive Bot provides alerts and automatic updates of CRM. Boosts KPIs via automatic provision of AI-powered intelligence on clients, recommendations of sales actions, provision of metrics.

CoolFarm offers three precision farming solutions sold through authorized resellers. CoolFarm in/control is the main-market integrated solution; in/store caters to large retailers, small markets, restaurants, hotels and communities. The Eye is a cloud-based optical sensor/crops monitor.

Cloud-based SaaS omnichannel customer service center with over 25 integration options, including Salesforce, Zendesk, SugarCRM, Shopify. Ready in minutes and requires only a Web browser. Clients can interact with customers by voice, SMS, video; create automated workflows for seamless data integration, helping business decision-making and improving customer relations.

Large-scale human-quality translation support for B2B integration in online customer service (customer emails, live chats, etc.) in over 70 language pairs and 29 languages, including traditional and simplified Chinese. Combines neural machine translation, NLP and its proprietary Quality Estimation system with the work of its over 100,000 editors globally.

Plastic surgery platform (website, app, WeChat Official Account) popular for its Beauty Diary social network. Users post their surgery experiences; upload photos; and interact with “fans" seeking information on plastic surgery. So-Young also offers a marketplace for hospitals/clinics selling services, financial products for funding surgery, training services for hospitals/clinics, etc.

Prodsmart's cloud-based Manufacturing Execution System (MES) enables manufacturers and fabricators to schedule and track production and quality processes. Smartphones and tablets can function as sensors to collect and process data directly from the factories to provide real-time analytics and command execution to reduce wastage and increase productivity.

AI-powered software to build credit-scoring models that can predict the likelihood of defaults by using 7,000 types of data criteria. Produces validations and reports for regulators. The real-time monitoring process is faster than conventional or older models. The company also works with external parties to provide SaaS services.

Running discreetly in the background, through machine-learning algorithms that create a behavioral biometric profile for each user, Performetric tracks keyboard and mouse interactions, recommending breaks when needed. This reduces mental fatigue by up to 50%. Data collected are presented as aggregated data analyses for the client. User privacy is guaranteed.

SWORD’s Phoenix is a SaaS platform interacting with the patient via a tablet displaying performance and sensors strapped to the body part treated when a patient undergoes therapy.  The sensors relay results and progress to the platform that are monitored externally by SWORD's team and reported to the physiotherapist. 

Powerful, channel-agnostic software that monitors e-commerce transactions, fights fraud and manages risk for retailers, banks and payment providers in real time. Combining machine-learning with human insight and intuition, it adds a layer of protection to existing databases by recognizing behavior patterns. Whenever the system detects abuse, it sends instant alerts to customers, who decide whether to process the payment.

Botika’s “white label” chatbot can be customized for different businesses, including social media like Facebook, Line and Telegram. The platform also features dashboard, analytics and other chat functions such as message broadcasting. The chatbot can converse in Bahasa Indonesia via an AI engine that is equipped with NLP capabilities.

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