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Trio.AI provides semantics-based AI interaction system solutions, which are built from original human language feeds using NLP, deep learning and big data analysis. Its solutions enable more natural dialogue between virtual agents and people. Trio.AI helps businesses and brands establish more accurate in-depth customer profiles using enriched data.

Harnessing AI, robotics, sensors and computer vision technology, logistics-focused Dorabot develops and offers robots and other robotic solutions for automating warehouses (including loading/unloading, induction, sorting, palletizing/depalletizing); delivery and courier services; airports and seaports. A Dorabot robot can do the work of 3-4 people.

Self-driving robot “Little Yellow Horse” will replace human labor to complete last-mile delivery in the logistics chain. Through cloud computing and machine learning, Little Yellow Horse automatically organizes tasks and delivers parcels. The robot’s auto-navigator and remote sensing technology allow it to operate under various road conditions with high precision.

AISpeech specializes in speech recognition, speech synthesis, semantic understanding, voiceprint recognition, dialogue management and audio analysis. It provides voice interaction solutions for smart vehicles, smart home appliances and robots. AISpeech offers a voice input app and a Dialogue User Interface (DUI) open platform for developers to customize voice recognition products.

aiXcoder can be installed in commonly used integrated development environments—IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio, PyCharm—as a plug-in. Trained using best quality open source code, it can predict the most relevant code completion and recommend high quality code samples to programmers. aiXcoder can also be trained with proprietorial code for business clients.

RoboCT produces wearable robots—UGO Exoskeleton and UFU Help series—and the baseboard Milepost α. Mobility-impaired patients wear UGO robots to walk and climb stairs at home, communities, hospitals, etc.  Wheelchair-like UFU robots are both a walk assist and riding tool. Milepost α is for product development in robot control.

Codemao provides courses and tools to teach children coding. Rocket Coding, which uses toy blocks to teach the basics, is for children aged 4-7. Older children learn to code using languages, e.g., Kitten, a visual programming language developed by Codemao, and Python.

The Robot Immune System (RIS) microchips provide high-tech internal security for robots and their components, with automatic updates. Alias Robotics use "latest bio-inspired AI techniques with cutting-edge hardware for high-speed computation".  The chips are compatible with the most relevant software tools in robotics, like ROS and ROS2. 

Two mini ROV models: Sibiu Pro and Sibiu Nano. The Sibiu Pro has a maximum diving depth of 300 meters, while the Sibiu Nano comes in two customizable versions (Ready To Dive and Maker), both of which can descend to 100 meters. All models have a two- to four-hour battery life. 

The primary (Q-Scout) and advanced (Qoopers, Q-elephant and Q-dino) series of programmable robot kits enable children to acquire robotics and AI knowledge by playing. The sensor accessories help kids learn about electronic modules. Kids can also learn programming on the platform MyQode. Textbooks and educational solutions are provided for schools.

UBTECH develops and produces humanoid robots for individual consumers and businesses. Its humanoid Alpha series and STEAM-driven Jimu Robot series were created for in-home use. Service robot Cruzr, portable smart robot Wu Kong and security patrol robot ATRIS were all designed to be used by businesses.

Eventec is a robotics solutions provider for the retail sector. Its main product FANBOT - preloaded with commonly bought commodities, e.g., snacks and beverages - actively finds potential customers at libraries, conference centers, etc., and sells to them. The robot also offers marketing services, including acting as a shopping guide.

Supply and operate special delivery/collection hubs manned by autonomous robots in residential districts. Each fleet of ground-based delivery robots will be centrally managed and remotely monitored by Eliport staff as part of SaaS solutions for clients.

TMiRob sells hospitals robots that can deliver medical supplies, assist doctors and nurses on ward rounds, keep patients company, decontaminate rooms, etc. It also sells customizable robot chassis and robot kits to general customers.

Makeblock has three product lines to help kids learn programming and create inventions. STEAM Kits provide children programmable robot kits. STEAM education software provide kids with coding tools. Maker Platforms provide programmable mechanical and electronic parts for kids to make their own inventions.

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