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Free homework app that engages and connects students, teachers and parents on a single platform. Kids learn with games and such joint interaction. Teachers set assignments or source from the database. The platform automatically corrects them, tracking and targeting individual needs and progress. Paid products include lesson broadcasts, self-study services.

Starting out as an online marketplace that connects students with private tutors, Ruangguru has since also developed a learning management system for teachers to create and assign homework on its platform, an exam practice feature and an app that co-founder Adamas Belva Syah Devara dubs the “Uber for tutoring service.”

English-language preschool and primary education by immersion. Imported US syllabus, teaching materials, and exams and assessments, with TESOL-certified foreign teachers, offer the “opportunity to study abroad without leaving China”. With 40+ schools across the country; and complementary Beile Cloud online learning system powered by AI, adaptive learning and AR/VR technologies.

Free app as platform for teachers and students to distribute, submit and review homework. Features question bank, automated marking, photo uploading (for answers to open-ended questions), touchscreen Doodle for marking, video recording, and learning/progress data analysis for targeted teaching. Both teaching and learning hence become more efficient and effective.

Platform (website, app) offering online vocational IT courses researched, developed and taught by professionals from China’s leading internet technology firms. Classes are filmed and streamed. Free or by membership, depending on the courses. Targets IT professionals looking to upgrade their skills and those looking to enter the industry.

Quintal is a hybrid of the school information system and the learning management system. The SaaS is specially designed for the Indonesian K-12 education system, with customized online learning and assessment modules. The cloud-based portal also helps to integrate all non-academic functions including school communication, finance and administration.

Free app for learning spoken English with paid courses. Using AI and algorithms, its lessons are automatically individually tailored to improve pronunciation and speaking in an interactive manner, and create the habit of speaking the language. Games and social media lead users to share, motivate each other in their learning.

HarukaEdu is an education platform for certified training and degree courses. Using an accredited learning management system and IT infrastructure, HarukaEdu provides the full range of services needed to conduct online courses. It also develops content with partner institutions, conducts video-based lectures and manages online assessments.

Inibudi is a social enterprise that provides free online videos on subjects such as Mathematics, Science and foreign languages for all education levels. The e-learning videos are available at any time to all students, teachers, parents and members of the public.

Talkmate’s proprietary learning method purports to let users “master” a new language in 200 hours of online study. Via website and app, with a social network connecting “Talkmates”, i.e., practice partners and native speakers who can review and rate a user’s progress.

Xuele Renrentong Cloud Teaching is an interactive app platform where teachers access teaching materials, create teaching plans, assign homework, share resources with students and parents, and check on students’ learning progress. Students do their homework on the mobile end; in return, they get teachers’ comments and interact with other students.

Uber-style (on-demand, LBS) app matching primary and secondary students with tutors. Tutors “bid” for jobs with profiles showing rates, experience, user rating. Payment via app.

Mother and child/early care online community and information platform ( also offers complementary products and services, including e-commerce platform (Meitun), early education subscription pack for 0–6-year-olds (Mika), sample box service (Babybox) and pediatric care educational video platform (Kang Jia).

Learning, experiment subscription pack and online videos for K-12 STEM education. Parents can work with kids, or send them to offline schools. Products include Rabbibox (for aged 3–6), Sharkbox (aged 7–11) and Sharkmaker (aged 12–15). Cost RMB 200 monthly, RMB 2,000 yearly. Online classes (45 minutes) cost RMB 70. 

Zhang Tong Jia Yuan is a mobile app that connects parents of kindergarteners with their children’s teachers. Parents receive real-time classroom updates via live video streaming and access to early childhood education materials. Teachers use the app to record children’s progress and interact with parents.

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