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Kids & Technology

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Free homework app that engages and connects students, teachers and parents on a single platform. Kids learn with games and such joint interaction. Teachers set assignments or source from the database. The platform automatically corrects them, tracking and targeting individual needs and progress. Paid products include lesson broadcasts, self-study services.

English-language preschool and primary education by immersion. Imported US syllabus, teaching materials, and exams and assessments, with TESOL-certified foreign teachers, offer the “opportunity to study abroad without leaving China”. With 40+ schools across the country; and complementary Beile Cloud online learning system powered by AI, adaptive learning and AR/VR technologies.

Free app as platform for teachers and students to distribute, submit and review homework. Features question bank, automated marking, photo uploading (for answers to open-ended questions), touchscreen Doodle for marking, video recording, and learning/progress data analysis for targeted teaching. Both teaching and learning hence become more efficient and effective.

Xuele Renrentong Cloud Teaching is an interactive app platform where teachers access teaching materials, create teaching plans, assign homework, share resources with students and parents, and check on students’ learning progress. Students do their homework on the mobile end; in return, they get teachers’ comments and interact with other students.

Mother and child/early care online community and information platform ( also offers complementary products and services, including e-commerce platform (Meitun), early education subscription pack for 0–6-year-olds (Mika), sample box service (Babybox) and pediatric care educational video platform (Kang Jia).

Learning, experiment subscription pack and online videos for K-12 STEM education. Parents can work with kids, or send them to offline schools. Products include Rabbibox (for aged 3–6), Sharkbox (aged 7–11) and Sharkmaker (aged 12–15). Cost RMB 200 monthly, RMB 2,000 yearly. Online classes (45 minutes) cost RMB 70. 

Zhang Tong Jia Yuan is a mobile app that connects parents of kindergarteners with their children’s teachers. Parents receive real-time classroom updates via live video streaming and access to early childhood education materials. Teachers use the app to record children’s progress and interact with parents.

Kuaipeilian provides post-lesson piano tutorials to children aged 4-16 via an app. The company's platform recommends tutors to students based on both parties' availability. During practice sessions, tutors watch students play piano using a fisheye camera provided by Kuaipeilian and offer guidance via live streaming.

Davdian is a mom & baby e-commerce platform. Mothers who pay the RMB 299 annual membership fee can launch their own store on the app. Davdian provides the products, warehousing and after-sales services. To foster communication between stay-at-home moms, the startup runs both online and offline communities for members.

Codemao provides courses and tools to teach children coding. Rocket Coding, which uses toy blocks to teach the basics, is for children aged 4-7. Older children learn to code using languages, e.g., Kitten, a visual programming language developed by Codemao, and Python.

Connecting soon-to-be and new mothers with certified doctors, the Mommy Knows mobile app offers online maternal and child health consultation, live streaming courses on topics such as breastfeeding, customized healthcare regimes and insurance plans. The startup has set up traditional pediatric clinics in Shenzhen, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

MenteLista is a digital method of teaching English. Its neuroscientific programs are designed for young children, from 6-month old babies to children aged 7, including those with special needs.  MenteLista uses visuals for the daily 10-minute session. It also promotes language learning in a natural and effortless manner.

Squirrel AI's online educational system provides K12 extracurricular personalized tutoring. Students do tests to receive the suitable study content in videos and exercises, and the system would keep monitoring to recommend the right content. There are also human teachers assisting the system by providing emotional support and other supports in its offline institutions or through live-streaming.

A huge range of over 500 educational apps, puzzles and other toys that help kids learn anything from the science of slime to the basics of DNA. Products are categorized by age, ranging from two to 14 years old and are designed by scientists. Most toys cost from €10-20. 

Xrush hardware could be attached to a regular toothbrush handle. When a kid brushes teeth, through sensors the hardware could collect data on the movement, so the kid could play a real-time game at the app, and the app can tell if the kid has brushed correctly.

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