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World’s smallest smart socket and the only one offering the “shaking method” – shake smartphone to switch appliances on/off. Uses the latest Qualcomm technology. Detects local temperature, humidity, with the app automatically switching on/off appliances on these readings. At RMB 119, inPlug is possibly also the world’s cheapest.

Remix OS is a cross-platform operating system based on Android. Its hardware products running on Remix OS include the Remix ultra-tablet, aimed to replace the laptop; and the Remix Mini, “World’s first true Android PC”. Allows multiple screens, all apps/games from Google Play; with full productivity capabilities, including Microsoft Office.

CoolFarm offers three precision farming solutions sold through authorized resellers. CoolFarm in/control is the main-market integrated solution; in/store caters to large retailers, small markets, restaurants, hotels and communities. The Eye is a cloud-based optical sensor/crops monitor.

Veniam's NetRider box runs on native software and cellular, Wi-Fi and DSRC signals, forming a mesh network open to devices with continuous connectivity. Via agreements with OEMs and tier 1 manufacturers, the technology should soon be incorporated in connected and autonomous vehicles. Boxes send real-time data to Veniam's cloud for analytics.

Smart pill dispenser connected to app for tracking and analyzing vital signs of patient's condition. Audio-visual reminder is sent out and pills are dispensed by pushing a button. Users receive monthly medication refill cartridges. Optional monitoring service for family member or healthcare staff to ensure medication adherence.

Xuele Renrentong Cloud Teaching is an interactive app platform where teachers access teaching materials, create teaching plans, assign homework, share resources with students and parents, and check on students’ learning progress. Students do their homework on the mobile end; in return, they get teachers’ comments and interact with other students.

Using a proprietary radio protocol, this GPS pet tracker lets owners set safe boundaries and track their pets. The waterproof product also monitors pets’ health and vital statistics. No SIM card, cell coverage, monthly fee required. Owners get rewards (e.g., discounts) for completing daily goals (walking for a mile).

Orange bicycles equipped with GPS devices and smart locks for rental at RMB 0.5/hour in China. Mobike bicycles come with solid tires for lower deterioration rates and maintenance costs, compared with competitors’ bikes. The Mobike app lets users find nearby available bikes, unlock them and make payment for rental.

Xhockware’s product, YouBeep, is a software and plug-and-play hardware mobile checkout and promotion solution for brick-and-mortar retail stores. With the YouBeep app, customers scan the barcodes of items as they shop, before paying directly at checkout. The solution includes mobile payments, shopping data mining and targeted marketing. To discourage theft, retail staff conduct random product audits.

Harnessing AI, robotics, sensors and computer vision technology, logistics-focused Dorabot develops and offers robots and other robotic solutions for automating warehouses (including loading/unloading, induction, sorting, palletizing/depalletizing); delivery and courier services; airports and seaports. A Dorabot robot can do the work of 3-4 people.

Citybox sells smart vending machines. Users scan QR codes to open the machines, which look like vertical refrigerators. When customers remove food or drink, the vending machine recognizes the item’s Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) label. After the door closes, the item’s cost is deducted from the user’s payment account.

AISpeech specializes in speech recognition, speech synthesis, semantic understanding, voiceprint recognition, dialogue management and audio analysis. It provides voice interaction solutions for smart vehicles, smart home appliances and robots. AISpeech offers a voice input app and a Dialogue User Interface (DUI) open platform for developers to customize voice recognition products.

Banma customizes its “Banma Zhixing” in-car operating system to fit for cars of different brands. The intelligent system incorporates functions like telecommunications, maps, music and maintenance, and works as an internet-connected “brain” to allow drivers to use the functions simply by voice control or operating on the big interface screen.

As one of Xiaomi’s Mi Ecosystem Companies, MeetVR has presented two products: Xiaomo AI camera and Mi VR Headset. Xiaomo AI camera can be fixed anywhere with removable stickers and magnets and controlled by gestures and expressions, or a smartphone. Mi VR headset features anti-dizziness and is comfortable to wear. 

Aihuishou allows users to sell their used electronic products or exchange them for new ones. Its WeChat mini-program lets users check the value of their goods so as to get the highest bid from selected recyclers. Meanwhile, it promises to destroy users’ data completely before recycling the products.

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