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Productivity Software

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Real-time B2B insights provider for proactive sales management, maximizing CRM's abilities with minimal effort. Provides SalesForce and Hubspot integration via Slack; Attentive Bot provides alerts and automatic updates of CRM. Boosts KPIs via automatic provision of AI-powered intelligence on clients, recommendations of sales actions, provision of metrics.

CoolFarm offers three precision farming solutions sold through authorized resellers. CoolFarm in/control is the main-market integrated solution; in/store caters to large retailers, small markets, restaurants, hotels and communities. The Eye is a cloud-based optical sensor/crops monitor.

Cloud-based SaaS omnichannel customer service center with over 25 integration options, including Salesforce, Zendesk, SugarCRM, Shopify. Ready in minutes and requires only a Web browser. Clients can interact with customers by voice, SMS, video; create automated workflows for seamless data integration, helping business decision-making and improving customer relations.

TOPDOX synchronizes various cloud storage providers (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive) to create a unified cloud file manager that lets users access, edit and share documents of any format. Features include offline mode, global search, PDF conversion and export. Available on Android, iOS, Mac, Web and Windows.

Prodsmart's cloud-based Manufacturing Execution System (MES) enables manufacturers and fabricators to schedule and track production and quality processes. Smartphones and tablets can function as sensors to collect and process data directly from the factories to provide real-time analytics and command execution to reduce wastage and increase productivity.

AI-powered software to build credit-scoring models that can predict the likelihood of defaults by using 7,000 types of data criteria. Produces validations and reports for regulators. The real-time monitoring process is faster than conventional or older models. The company also works with external parties to provide SaaS services.

Running discreetly in the background, through machine-learning algorithms that create a behavioral biometric profile for each user, Performetric tracks keyboard and mouse interactions, recommending breaks when needed. This reduces mental fatigue by up to 50%. Data collected are presented as aggregated data analyses for the client. User privacy is guaranteed.

A B2B cloud-based web platform and customized SaaS that allows all types of users to easily create and automate data workflows. Compatible software that can be used across different programs and cloud technologies. Fully compatible with Google Drive and available as Add-on in Google Sheets.

NPAW provides business intelligence solutions to a range of media companies including telcos, broadcasters and over-the-top (OTT) service providers. The latest version of its flagship product, YOUBORA Suite, uses AI to provide insights, optimize content discovery, manage users, overcome technical issues and increase advertising efficiency.

Automated real-time management solution for livestock farming. A plug-and-play box connects via GPRS/3G to multiple controllers across sheds for data collection, and to cloud-based platform that accesses those data, builds customized dashboards and generates reports on productivity-linked metrics (e.g., temperature, feed consumption)

Online collaborative platform for packaging professionals to customize 3D mock-ups and prototypes. 3D Click also provides sustainable solutions to reduce wastage and production costs. Through 3D virtual prototyping, AR and 3D printing staff can speed up design validation processes by 40% and accelerate time-to-market of new products.

A Cloud-based platform aimed at improving efficiency and automation of HR tasks in SMEs. Includes payroll automation, creation and management of contracts, tax receipts and social security information, as well as features for employees' time and leave management

NutraSign is a freemium tool for businesses to create traceability solutions. The traceability app uses blockchain technology to access the databases of producers, operators and distributors. Consumers can use the free app to easily trace the origins of selected items in real-time and view the source locations on Google Maps.

B2B business, offering SaaS packages to suit individual client needs like monitoring fuel consumption and optimizing routes. The AI-data technology can analyze information to detect or predict different levels of risk, helping clients to take action before accidents happen.

AMCELL is the first automated additive manufacturing technology that allows simultaneous mass production of different industrial components using most polymers and stainless steel. It is capable of producing 50,000 components per month and can be operated 24/7 remotely via IoT technology. It is designed for SME industrial manufacturers. 

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