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Natural Language Processing

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Large-scale human-quality translation support for B2B integration in online customer service (customer emails, live chats, etc.) in over 70 language pairs and 29 languages, including traditional and simplified Chinese. Combines neural machine translation, NLP and its proprietary Quality Estimation system with the work of its over 100,000 editors globally.

Sherpa’s Spanish-language PDA is based on NLP and machine-learning technologies. The PDA is offered as a brand-name product (previously preloaded on Samsung smartphones) and more recently, as a white-label product in the form of an independent cloud-based platform that embeds, connects the PDA to smart consumer appliances and cars. 

Triporate's platform simplifies the corporate travel booking process. Its NLP technology extracts accommodation and transportation preferences from emails before selecting the most convenient options (as aligned with company travel policies) to create a personalized itinerary which the user receives via email. The user's e-wallets and online calendars are also automatically updated. 

Through Dr. White's WeChat Official Account and mini program, users can interact with its intelligent assistant, which helps diagnose common minor illnesses. The assistant understands voice input from users, responds like a real doctor and keeps learning new knowledge from medical books, etc. provides natural language processing (NLP) capabilities for Indonesian-language text and speech data. Text data analysis can be used for news and social sentiment monitoring, content moderation and in chatbots, while its speech analysis can be used in IoT device communication and both text-to-speech and speech-to-text applications. 

aiXcoder can be installed in commonly used integrated development environments—IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio, PyCharm—as a plug-in. Trained using best quality open source code, it can predict the most relevant code completion and recommend high quality code samples to programmers. aiXcoder can also be trained with proprietorial code for business clients.

SaaS combining NLP, voice recognition, computational imagery for enhancing deep-learning capabilities for AI/ML systems in human-machine communication. Provides continuous access to highly accurate data; 500,000 datasets processed daily in 46 languages, up to 98% accuracy. Integrated with IBM's Watson Studio; used in creating PAs from scratch or improving existing systems.

Mediktor is a clinically-approved online symptom checker, covering 90% of possible diagnoses, with an accuracy rate of 91.3%. Mediktor covers 750 diseases in 10 languages on multiple platforms, allowing free expression via voice and chatbot. The consultations are for information purposes only, not replacing diagnoses from professional medics.

Get.AI is a productivity tool tailored for writing professionals seeking higher efficiency through a streamlined writing process. After users log onto its website and choose a template, Get.AI will help with online searches, generating background information on specified topics and copyediting articles. uses natural language processing, natural language generation and knowledge graphs to organize relevant public information and provide structured business intelligence to sales personnel within organizations. Its SaaS solution provides prediction modeling, customer profiling, customer referrals and competitor analysis to companies and organizations.

Smile and Learn is a digital educational platform for three- to 12-year-olds. It offers over 4,500 video activities in five languages, covering all curricula subjects and cognitive learning areas. AI tech is used to personalize and assess each child's progress. 

Platform-agnostic customizable API that enables users to create 3D digital avatars from selfies or scanned images. The avatars can emote and mimic speech. An avatar is created in 20 seconds by uploading an image to Didimo's cloud-based API for processing via algorithm to extract and recreate facial features.

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