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Personal Finance

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A one-stop online platform (free apps and website) for tracking personal expenditure and income, wealth management and investment. Six apps are their main products: Wacai bookkeeping, Wacai Wealth Manager, Wacai Fund, Wacai Credit Cards Manager, Qiantang, Wacai Stock Magician.

JULO provides two types of short-term unsecured microloans via its mobile app, targeting working adults in key Indonesian cities and provinces. It uses a proprietary AI-based credit scoring system to assess the credit risk of loan applicants using non-standard data such as social media posts. is a B2C platform which could be accessed by global clients. Users could get information, loans, purchase and manage real estate assets and buy REITs there. The assets and services were uploaded from Uoolu+ by property developers. also recently launched Hailu, which could be used by agents to complete a deal.

As Fumi's main product, Webull is a commission-free stock and ETF (exchange-traded fund) trading platform that designed for traders from beginners to advanced professionals. It has an easy-to-use interface with features of real-time market data, technical analysis tools and a trading simulator friendly to beginners.  

Quipu is an invoicing and accounting cloud SaaS for freelancers, SMEs, accounting firms and marketplaces. It helps them to automate invoices and data entry, to improve accounting management and to save both time and resources. The SaaS, accessible on any device, also provides a free online tool to generate invoices. 

Fintech platform offering investment instruments from partners: mutual funds, gold and P2P lending. The app has four main features: financial planning, portfolio investment recommendations, educational content and user investment tracking. Financial planning feature allows live chat with real financial planners. Includes Robo Advisor chatbot service.

Fintech app for microsavings-related services and curated financial products. Focus on gold investment; other options include crude palm oil, cocoa, FX, equity and debt securities. Users can invest in gold from 0.01 gram (about US$0.50), exchange a number of deposits for physical gold (Antam gold).  

Remittance service for Indonesian migrant workers, currently available in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Workers deposit money with certified partners, and the money is disbursed in Indonesia through bank account or money order. E-wallet concept in development will let users pay bills or buy airtime top-up with their deposited money.

Jojonomic provides time-saving tools that automate administrative tasks for companies, making the reimbursement process a swift and cashless one. Its app manages requests, approvals, and automatically records transactions, like booking transportation and accommodation as well as payment of expenses for business trips.  

Mastercard, established in 1966, has made 12 acquisitions to date and has a special interest in secure payment systems and different technologies associated with their implementation.  It has a special interest in secure payment systems and different technologies associated with their implementation. Since launch in early 2014, MasterCard Start Path, the company’s effort to support innovative early stage startups around the world, has partnered with over 40 startups across the globe in areas including biometrics, big data, wearable technology, beacons, B2B payments, and logistics. 

Go-Ventures is an investment company by Go-Jek. It focuses on South-East Asian Startups. Its Vice President is Aditya Kumar, who is also the VP of Go-Jek. It does not have a personal logo as yet.

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