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Big Data & Analytics

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Citybox sells smart vending machines. Users scan QR codes to open the machines, which look like vertical refrigerators. When customers remove food or drink, the vending machine recognizes the item’s Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) label. After the door closes, the item’s cost is deducted from the user’s payment account.

DataHunter offers three products: Data Analytics, a business data visualization and analytics platform; Data MAX, a professional tool for data visualization display; and Data Wisdom, which provides business intelligence solutions.

Gestoos’ AI-powered computer vision platform tracks and recognizes natural human movements, which are then used to interact with devices and applications. Gestoos’ technology has been applied across several sectors, including consumer electronics, the automotive industry and in digital signages. 

Its Smart Digital Lung is a platform applying deep learning to help doctors process image data. The Mimu Bear app lets doctors and parents preliminarily diagnose common children’s diseases by using AI technology to analyze text-based medical records. YITU has also developed its diagnostic assistance products, the Care.AI series.  

AISpeech specializes in speech recognition, speech synthesis, semantic understanding, voiceprint recognition, dialogue management and audio analysis. It provides voice interaction solutions for smart vehicles, smart home appliances and robots. AISpeech offers a voice input app and a Dialogue User Interface (DUI) open platform for developers to customize voice recognition products.

PasarPolis’ website offers travel (for individuals and families) and vehicle (cars and motorcycles) insurance underwritten by major international and local insurers directly to online customers. Through its partners, PasarPolis also offers customized policies, including travel insurance for religious holidays and life and disability insurance for on-demand app riders.

A free cloud-based billing program that allows users to create bespoke documents like invoices with instant messaging features. Users can also automatically produce recurring invoices, add and compute discounts, taxes, surcharges and expenses. Payment and other fintech services are also available. 

Through Dr. White's WeChat Official Account and mini program, users can interact with its intelligent assistant, which helps diagnose common minor illnesses. The assistant understands voice input from users, responds like a real doctor and keeps learning new knowledge from medical books, etc.

With its Enjoy Reading (ER) Framework, a self-developed system that can gauge reading level, Koala Reading has built an app that helps children K-12 learn to read better. The app comes in four versions: one for students, teachers, parents and school administrators.

Mars Rabbit is an app that facilitates express checkout and easy payment at retail outlets. It enables shoppers to scan barcodes and pay online without lining up at cash registers. Before leaving, shoppers must go through a special checkout stand where a staff member verifies they paid for their purchases.

Datary consolidates a range of data (including socio-economic, real estate and industrial) from public sources onto a single platform through an open-API system. It uses AI to source and scrape data from the Web, which it formats and cleans up for users to access via its Open Data Market site.  

Xpeng has launched its first production model, the G3 SUV. It has a panoramic windshield; a 360-degree roof camera that can record video; an HD touchscreen that integrates various control functions; a self-parking function that can handle most parking scenarios; and a cloud service that remotely downloads and upgrades applications.

ChainGo's Ethereum-powered platform digitizes all paperwork to facilitate the efficient flow of paperless documentation throughout the supply chains. Blockchain guarantees the authenticity and transparent tracking of all documents because each party independently creates its own unique documents and data to form the links in each chain.

A three-step solution to replanting areas, suited to any terrain or vegetation, Big Data is used to evaluate and plot the species to be planted and conditions on the ground. Appropriate intelligent seeds are produced for that area and sown by drones which maintain the environment past seedling stage.

DycodeX’s flagship product is the SMARTernak, which consists of two types of cattle-mounted sensors: one for tracking location, movement and behavior and another for health monitoring. The company also develops a range of IoT appliances for security and tracking, including a GPS-enabled panic button and an IoT tracking board.

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