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Konsula allows users to book a doctor based on location, budget, symptoms, specialization, experience and reviews. It also has a free in-app chat service offering healthcare advice and an e-Store. Konsula Connect helps doctors to optimize their appointments and track patient records. Konsula is supported by the Indonesian Medical Association.

The Handy Hospital app. For the public, the app is linked to the national Hospital Information System – patients can use it for registration, test reports, health/medical education, WeChat third-party payment, payment after treatment. For medical staff, the app gives access/sharing of patients’ medical history, diagnosis, prescription records.

WeDoctor's global platform offers free coronavirus consultations in English and Chinese.The company runs WeDoctor HealthCare, WeDoctor Insurance, WeDoctor Cloud, WeDoctor Pharma. The WeDoctor app for individual users offers services for online hospitals, medical insurance, specialist consultants, public hospital appointments, e-prescriptions, test reports and online follow-ups.

App and website linking users with cosmetic surgeons and patients sharing their experiences in journal format. Includes general forum; photo uploading for doctors’ recommendations; online marketplace for shopping eye, nose, body, skincare, etc.; treatments/procedures at discounted prices, with user reviews, ratings, photo sharing; group buying. Installment payments, insurance, refunds available.

Besides caregivers, healthcare specialists and medical deliveries; Insan Medika also provides ambulances, airport helpers and in-flight nurses to Indonesians seeking medical treatments abroad. The human resources platform also has nannies to accompany youngsters while travelling for medical or educational purposes. Clients get discounts from its online pharmaceutical e-store partner.

Jiankang 160 app offers services for the public, including hospital appointments, registration, medical guidance, patient communities, etc. Its Doctor’s Assistant app is a mobile office for doctors to manage schedules, patient records and interaction; encouraging doctors to actively manage patient relations. Jiankang 160 also runs online and offline pharmacies.

PesanLab is a medical platform that offers over 500 different types of healthcare packages, at lower prices than those charged by doctors and hospitals. Consumers may also search for medical checkup services located near their homes. PesanLab currently has partnerships with nine laboratories in the Greater Jakarta district.

Chinese social networking app for doctors and medical students revolving around images from real-life medical cases. Professional labels, sorting/image-processing tools help users share, find and discuss content while protecting patient confidentiality.

Smart pill dispenser connected to app for tracking and analyzing vital signs of patient's condition. Audio-visual reminder is sent out and pills are dispensed by pushing a button. Users receive monthly medication refill cartridges. Optional monitoring service for family member or healthcare staff to ensure medication adherence.

Plastic surgery platform (website, app, WeChat Official Account) popular for its Beauty Diary social network. Users post their surgery experiences; upload photos; and interact with “fans" seeking information on plastic surgery. So-Young also offers a marketplace for hospitals/clinics selling services, financial products for funding surgery, training services for hospitals/clinics, etc.

Online pharmacy selling medical and healthcare products, including over-the-counter medicine, prescription drugs, equipment and health services offered by partner providers. ProSehat will source the products ordered online and courier the items directly to the customers. ProSehat apps and online chats with medics are also available.

Plastic surgery marketplace and social network via app, WeChat, website. Features eBay-like Taozhenxing: procedures are listed for purchase online with pricing (including discounts), surgeons, clinics/hospitals, ratings. Diary is a sharing platform for “before” and “after” photos, tips for surgery newbies, etc. Yimeitong lets hospitals/clinics run listings, manage bookings on Taozhenxing.

Patent-pending 3D reconstruction technology imports CT scan image results to generate a 3D model of the bone, which can be manipulated by surgeons. For osteotomy, fracture reduction and templating. Surgeons can also access pre- and post-operative images, planned procedures and materials information, and planning reports, all in a single software.

App connecting patients with doctors based on location. Consultations booked through the platform have no time limitation and are conducted either online or at home, immediately or at a future date. Costs are pre-defined, doctors are user-rated. Available in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Brazil, via partnership. Android and iOS.

Alodokter is an Indonesian language website that provides accurate and easy-to-understand health information. The bulk of the features are provided through the mobile app, where users can consult with doctors, book appointments, or get health insurance protection.

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