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B2B business, offering SaaS packages to suit individual client needs like monitoring fuel consumption and optimizing routes. The AI-data technology can analyze information to detect or predict different levels of risk, helping clients to take action before accidents happen.

Autonomous driving system is primarily designed for heavy-duty trucks. The system comprises an algorithm platform, a hardware platform and a software platform. The software platform covers a range of functions including sensing, locating, route planning, vehicle control and high-definition mapping.

Three kinds of packing boxes are available: ZerO Box for electronics, clothes and other consumer goods, Cool Box for fresh food, and ZerO Bag for files and documents. Community-based smart locker system Polanwang was launched to collect any unwanted boxes, conventional cardboard and batteries.

Advotics is a cloud-based platform for digitizing sales, supply chain and CRM processes. Provides GPS tracking of field agents and retail outlets, deliveries, sales campaigns etc. Also has QR code-based product identification to track location and prevent fraud. Data analytics dashboard to assist decision-makers.

Supply and operate special delivery/collection hubs manned by autonomous robots in residential districts. Each fleet of ground-based delivery robots will be centrally managed and remotely monitored by Eliport staff as part of SaaS solutions for clients.

On-demand B2B logistical solutions for haulage rental through a mobile app. Businesses upload their shipping orders onto the platform and carriers accept and fulfil the orders. Using machine learning and big data, the platform optimizes vehicles' capacity and routes reducing the kilometers traveled empty or with only a partial load.

On-demand logistics and shipping services for one-time deliveries or regular orders. Accessible via website. Kargo collates shipping orders, which are then accepted by its transport partners. To maximize shipping capacity and reduce costs, multiple orders are combined into a single shipment; merchants can still opt for exclusive shipping. 

Freight forwarding services marketplace for companies to browse and select options for overseas shipping. Users can also request a quote for shipments with special requirements or establish a regular shipping contract. Andalin's services are accessible via a web dashboard that features shipping records and a messaging system.

The refrigerated vending machines Zailouxia places in residential blocks sell snacks, fresh food and other groceries 24/7. The vending machines, which look like shipping containers, come in variable sizes, from 5-15 sqm. One vending machine can hold 400-2,000 stock keeping units (SKUs).

ChainGo's Ethereum-powered platform digitizes all paperwork to facilitate the efficient flow of paperless documentation throughout the supply chains. Blockchain guarantees the authenticity and transparent tracking of all documents because each party independently creates its own unique documents and data to form the links in each chain.

Logistics fulfilment services catering to SMEs, especially e-commerce vendors. Offers storage facilities (Pakde currently manages two secure warehouses in Depok and Bandung), checking, tagging, packing and delivery services. Has its own delivery tracking software system. 

Orange 100 helps enterprises and individuals looking to launch pop-up shops or host events rent unused space at shopping malls, movie theaters, etc. The platform provides support services such as events planning, project execution, scene arrangement and new media marketing via third-party suppliers.

Smart lockers installed at public locations. Users can receive ecommerce shopping orders, return and send items to another address or rent a locker for the day. PopBox also operates its own ecommerce store and sells advertising space on the surface of the lockers.

On-demand logistics platform that connects travelers and couriers to customers who need deliveries for specific destinations. GOI’s logistics software and apps can optimize delivery routes and track deliveries, resulting in cheaper and faster services. Bulky goods, like furniture, are handled by 130 professional firms registered with GOI.

Self-driving robot “Little Yellow Horse” will replace human labor to complete last-mile delivery in the logistics chain. Through cloud computing and machine learning, Little Yellow Horse automatically organizes tasks and delivers parcels. The robot’s auto-navigator and remote sensing technology allow it to operate under various road conditions with high precision.

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