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As a crowdsourcing design website, Sribu lets businesses order logo design, website design and more and get over 100 samples in less than seven days. Jobs are packaged as design contests with deadlines and cash prizes, inviting designers to submit their entries. Accepts PayPal, credit cards and bank transfers.

Sribulancer connects freelancers directly to clients, primarily through a job bidding marketplace where freelancers may quote for projects posted by clients. A real time chat platform enables users to conduct live interviews and consultations directly. A shared workspace tool creates virtual offices for both clients and freelance Sribulancers.

Cloud-based SaaS omnichannel customer service center with over 25 integration options, including Salesforce, Zendesk, SugarCRM, Shopify. Ready in minutes and requires only a Web browser. Clients can interact with customers by voice, SMS, video; create automated workflows for seamless data integration, helping business decision-making and improving customer relations.

Curated tech job marketplace connecting high-tech professionals with businesses, while humanizing the job search and hiring process. Candidates browse through a list of job openings or sign up with to be matched directly to companies. Employers can outsource their hiring needs and pay per hire, per application or per profile. No recruitment firms allowed.

Codacy’s algorithm allows users to automate repetitive tasks (static analysis, duplication checks, etc.), which helps improve code quality, security and maintainability while saving 25.5 hours per month per engineer. Supported languages include Scala, Java, Ruby, Python, PHP and 23 others. Users can sign up using Bitbucket, GitHub or Google.

Website connecting people with freelance professionals in 500 categories of services, including lessons, music gigs, cleaning and photography. Clients fill a form detailing their project; Zaask sources quotations for the client to choose from; and the client hires the selected freelancer. Freelancers are screened by Zaask and rated by clients.

With an innovative model for integrated supply chain management based on an online platform, IT and supply chain financing, YH Global offers a range of logistics services to global companies. Its “C2B+DIY” model covers logistics distribution, order management, cross-border e-commerce, financial support, warehouse management, supply chain finance, etc.

SaaS creating a content store, a html5 page in WeChat where WeChat users can pay for premium content, for each client. It provides a back-end system via its website, app, WeChat official account and mini program for clients to upload content, track user engagement, etc. 

Marketplace for short gigs and tasks, which fall into three categories. 1. Data collection: users perform research or visit locations. 2. Business partner acquisition: users search for new contacts or partners for the employer. 3. Sales partnerships: users help to sell the employer's products or services.

A Cloud-based platform aimed at improving efficiency and automation of HR tasks in SMEs. Includes payroll automation, creation and management of contracts, tax receipts and social security information, as well as features for employees' time and leave management

Volantis builds data processing pipelines that connect multiple data sources to one accessible platform without interfering with their clients' existing data systems. The platform supports basic AI and machine learning APIs as well as data visualization. Volantis develops the data platform onsite on the client's own servers.

RakSul is a Japanese online and outsourcing commercial printing services platform, with almost US$72 million in total equity funding in August 2016. Its US$350,000 Prinzio seed investment is its first venture outside Japan, giving it a 20% stake in the Indonesian printing startup.Founder and CEO Yasukane Matsumoto is set to acquire more printing start-ups in the Philippines and Singapore as part of the expansion into Southeast Asia. The Tokyo-based startup is often dubbed the Uber of printing, with flyers accounting for 60% of total print orders. It expected to start making profits in 2016.

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