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Dubbed the Glassdoor of Indonesia, Qerja’s database contains a wealth of salary, benefits and hiring practices information and employee-submitted company reviews for Indonesia and Malaysia. All information submitted are published anonymously, but users must register using their Facebook or LinkedIn account to submit information as well as access certain sections.

A content hub for beauty product reviews, trend reports, discussions and more. It also has an e-shop, currently in beta phase, which accepts payment by money transfer.

Smart news and media aggregator app Kurio highlights content that matters to the user, reducing information overload for an enjoyable reading experience on a single platform. With Indonesian-language content from 200 publishers across categories, e.g., lifestyle, self-improvement, business, travel and more.

IDNtimes is a free digital news platform that produces snappy news and entertainment updates for young Indonesians. Its video channel also keeps young users tuned in daily, thus increasing revenue for IDNtimes from sponsored marketing campaigns, pop-up advertisements and its new automated smart advertising platform, IDN Ads.

Via its website and app, Gouguanjia provides authoritative and comprehensive information on dog care – diet, grooming, training, products, etc. – for 32 breeds. Owners can post care/growth logs, use real-time chat; app sends reminders for vaccination, worming. Live streaming of vet consultations and pet training is a new feature.

E-reading platform for Indonesian-language and foreign digital books, magazines and newspapers including Kompas, Indonesia’s leading daily, and current affairs magazine Tempo. Available via its website, and iOS and Android apps. Users can opt to buy specific issues, or pay a monthly subscription for a premium account with unlimited access.

The Peinikan app lets users find movie companions or make new movie-loving friends based on physical proximity, social media (WeChat, QQ, Weibo) connections; with ticketing function. The company, Shuimu, also makes individual apps marketing new movies for studios – with information, updates, ticketing, exclusive storyboards, links to actors’ social media accounts.

Association bringing together “we media” content creators/publishers, helping them to reach, market to a wider audience; monetize content by bringing onboard merchants, business partners. Also runs an incubator for related startups; Jiukan app for content showcase, connecting we media publishers with merchants; Xiongmao Liangpin e-commerce app selling high-end lifestyle products.

App for watching live and recorded concerts on mobile devices via streaming. Rock music is the focus, with other less-mainstream genres featured such as jazz and blues. Videos are professionally produced, with various viewing angles, including of performer(s) close-up, backstage, audience. From free to RMB 30 per concert.

Inibudi is a social enterprise that provides free online videos on subjects such as Mathematics, Science and foreign languages for all education levels. The e-learning videos are available at any time to all students, teachers, parents and members of the public.

Kumparan offers a mix of online editorial and social media generated news. Users can use the platform to contribute content, interact with other users and become popular bloggers with own fan clubs. Topics may range from news items, social fundraising activities, polling surveys, entertainment videos, lifestyle tips and hobbies.

Aiming at netizens, Brilio is a one-stop online content platform offering bite-sized editions of trending news, entertainment and videos. Brilio is also developing a user generated content (UGC) portal to increase user loyalty through social media engagement and crowdsourcing forums. Brilio is available in both Indonesian and English languages.

Multi-themed audio platform with streaming and personal podcast stations. With 20 categories, 328 sub-categories; more than 10,000 daily content uploads; 5 million content creators, including 60,000+ authors and 5,000+ key opinion leaders (KOLs). Features popular brands, news site Sina and one of China’s most influential KOLs, Luo Zhenyu.

B2B analytics platform connecting brands to influencers worldwide. Influencers can monetize content and measure outcomes of brand engagement and campaigns across channels. Proprietary AI software produces insights based on data collated from millions of influencers to help clients to design more effective social media campaigns aimed at target audiences.

Doctor Che runs multiple social media accounts that feature articles and videos on the major problems facing young car buyers. Its WeChat account provides users with tools, including an ROI calculator, auto performance indicator, Q&A and dealer recommendations. Doctor Che also runs an e-commerce site that sells car-related products.

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