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iGrow is an online marketplace connecting investors, farmers, landowners and crop buyers to generate sustainable income streams from local organic farming. Its cloud-based agricultural management software enables investors to track the progress of the crop cultivation, harvests and sales; with live updates and online payments via iGrow’s app and website.

An internet P2P lending platform and solutions provider for traditional financial institutions wanting to incorporate fintech. Offers direct lending, and indirect/pooled lending via its Tuantuanzhuan (literally, “every group wins”) group investment product, featuring automatic investment and risk diversification. Investments start from RMB 100, with 4.5%–10% annual returns.

IWAK’s microfinance platform matches investors with villagers who want to earn additional income as fish farmers. Investors can monitor their fishes in real time through its website. Low cost portable fish ponds, equipment and business assistance, including sales and distribution logistics; are provided by IWAK.

App for short-term borrowing/lending money within social circles, in pooled funding at 5–15% interest rates. Parties remain anonymous, but borrowing trends and sums are visible within the circle. When payment is long overdue, Pengyoufan uses “social shaming” within the network and legal avenues to reveal “dishonest” friends, recover debt.

Once a car-sharing platform, Uucars switched to running electric car rentals. Starting with 300 e-cars, 70 parking-charging stations in Beijing, UUcars charges RMB 0.2 per minute, RMB 2 per kilometer for every e-car rented. Use its app to locate nearest station, unlock car, and pay.

App for group buying of household items at below-market prices. Led by a leader, group members pool together money to purchase goods featured in the online catalogue of the app. Only one member benefits at each meeting, with meetings continuing until all members have received their desired items.

Neetip is a location based shopping and courier app for users to connect and help one another to obtain desired goods from other cities. A tip is paid to the traveler who obtains the requested products. Neetip also manages escrow accounts on behalf of both parties.

P2P lending marketplace for loans to SMEs, customized loans for SME employees repaying through automatic deductions from salary. Lenders are matched to applications, based on quantum, returns, duration. SMEs are assessed according to their invoices, with payment made through escrow accounts, manual verification for borrowers. Includes risk analysis, legal documentation.

P2P platform connecting car owners with mechanics for onsite auto care (detailing, cleaning, interior maintenance). Technicians are trained to follow its standard processes, using imported equipment and products. Via app, hotline, WeChat.

Authorized P2P lending platform providing flexible short-term loans to Indonesian citizens, online entrepreneurs and SMEs. Maximum loan value is IDR 500 million (US$ 37,870). The low interest loans are generally collateral-free, without penalties for early repayments. Taralite also partners with other companies to offer consumer and business loans.

P2P lending platform, providing collateral-free loans starting from IDR 1.5 million. Uses ML software to evaluate and assign credit scores for Amartha partners or borrowers. Lenders can invest starting with a minimum of IDR 3 million.

Loans for business, education and healthcare, with minimum of IDR 10 million per borrower. Interest rates are linked to credit risk exposure. Investors can diversify risks by lending a minimum of IDR100,000 to each of several borrowers selected. Loans can also be issued using KOIN tokens.

A C2C online platform where users buy, sell or exchange any kind of product, with results displayed according to geolocation and selected price range. Local services are also on offer. Markets include Spain, UK, France, Brazil, and Mexico. In the US, Wallapop merged its operations under LetsGo in 2018.

P2P foreign currency exchange (FX) trading and risk management platform targeting small and mid-sized corporations. Offers 134 currencies for spot and forward exchange as well as market order, dynamic hedging and international payments services. Kantox's automated exchange and payments API is available to clients with high or frequent FX exposure.

Geo Data Block (GeoDB) is a location digital data marketplace powered by blockchain, big data and crypto-economic models. Geo tokens are issued to users who can generate personal data to be shared with GeoDB partner companies for use in market research, analyses and strategic planning.

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