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Independent Android app marketplace organized YouTube-style in 40 languages. App manufacturers can create, manage their own stores and monetize via its solutions. Hosts around 900,000 apps, including some not found on Google Play, for direct downloading. No geo or content restrictions, safest Android app store, the first powered by blockchain.

Third-party cloud-based electronic contracting and storage platform that lets parties from different locations and industries sign and send documents safely online. Promises bank-grade security, safe storage, strict ID authentication and confidentiality. Via website, app, API.

Chinapex currently offers three products: Nexus, IQ and Apex. They are powered by big data, machine learning and blockchain technologies. Chinapex’s products provide users with one-stop solutions for data collection, data analytics-based marketing, personalization and consumer experience optimization.

CarBlock is a blockchain-based platform and network that serves the automobile and transportation industry. It uses blockchain technology to ensure transparent data collection and circulation. CarBlock aims to create a mutually beneficial network that connects all participants within the industry, including car owners, car manufacturers, vehicle service providers, etc.

ChainGo's Ethereum-powered platform digitizes all paperwork to facilitate the efficient flow of paperless documentation throughout the supply chains. Blockchain guarantees the authenticity and transparent tracking of all documents because each party independently creates its own unique documents and data to form the links in each chain.

SVARA offers SVARA Online, a music streaming and radio app for consumers, as well as SVARA On-Air, a broadcast and programming automation software for radio stations. The consumer app offers live radio streaming, music streaming and social listening features.

Geetest offers five product lines. Captcha solution Sensebot helps websites and apps identify and block bot traffic. Deepknow can recognize if a website visitor poses security threats. Apps can use OnePass to streamline user verification. Anti DDoS protects websites and apps from DDoS attacks. Scanner helps identify security loopholes.

Two 100% web-based solutions: electronic signature and a digital identity solution called Know Your Digital Customer (KYDC), which uses image analysis, machine learning and face biometric matching technologies. KYDC's users can create their own onboarding process with personalized rules and flows, while the identification process is conducted in accordance with prevailing local regulations.

NutraSign is a freemium tool for businesses to create traceability solutions. The traceability app uses blockchain technology to access the databases of producers, operators and distributors. Consumers can use the free app to easily trace the origins of selected items in real-time and view the source locations on Google Maps.

Connecting EV drivers with private and public charging stations via a collaborative platform that lets users share and locate available sockets. An AI-powered control center manages multiple charging points while the interoperability platform aggregates external public and private charging stations that are not controlled by the company.

Councilbox's blockchain-powered platform allows remote corporate meetings to be held anywhere in the world, on multiple devices, to process remote electronic voting and to automatically draft meeting minutes, thus ensuring legal validity and security throughout the process. is mainly a robo-trading app for crypto assets. Users can link their Lubna accounts to their cryptocurrency exchange accounts hosted by platforms like Binance and Huobi. They can also select a backtested trading robot and trailing stops according to their investment needs.

Geo Data Block (GeoDB) is a location digital data marketplace powered by blockchain, big data and crypto-economic models. Geo tokens are issued to users who can generate personal data to be shared with GeoDB partner companies for use in market research, analyses and strategic planning.

P2P platform for writers to collaborate and publish stories to share with other users. Writers can earn money by using a "premium" setting for their published stories to collect Storial Coins (tokens) from readers. Storial can be accessed on the web and through Android app.

Coinffeine is an open source decentralized P2P platform enabling secure, anonymous exchange of FIAT-Bitcoin currencies. The platform automatically matches user bids to buy or sell bitcoin, executes the transaction and transfers the money to the user's virtual wallet or bank account. 

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