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Xhockware’s product, YouBeep, is a software and plug-and-play hardware mobile checkout and promotion solution for brick-and-mortar retail stores. With the YouBeep app, customers scan the barcodes of items as they shop, before paying directly at checkout. The solution includes mobile payments, shopping data mining and targeted marketing. To discourage theft, retail staff conduct random product audits.

SWORD’s Phoenix is a SaaS platform interacting with the patient via a tablet displaying performance and sensors strapped to the body part treated when a patient undergoes therapy.  The sensors relay results and progress to the platform that are monitored externally by SWORD's team and reported to the physiotherapist. 

Powerful, channel-agnostic software that monitors e-commerce transactions, fights fraud and manages risk for retailers, banks and payment providers in real time. Combining machine-learning with human insight and intuition, it adds a layer of protection to existing databases by recognizing behavior patterns. Whenever the system detects abuse, it sends instant alerts to customers, who decide whether to process the payment.

Mr Feng provides intracity delivery of food, fresh flowers, auto parts, medicines, documents, big-size articles, etc., via its website and WeChat account. Booking options include 30-minute delivery, one-hour, same-day and next-day delivery. For its B2B users, Mr Feng provides delivery services for e-commerce platforms and small retailers.

HR SaaS platform specializing in social security management, with standardized procedures and fees. Other products include salary and income tax management, HR services management, and an online mall for benefits purchase, e.g., health checkups, training services, third-party insurance. Providing staff's social security coverage is mandatory for employers in China. 

Online platform offering drone spraying and precision agriculture services by connecting drone operators with farmers. A drone carries 10 kg of pesticide and flies 1.5 to 2 meters above crops at a speed of 5 to 8 meters per second. Via website or app. Company also offers SaaS and dynamic pricing for agro-dealers.

Auto aftermarket online platform offering tires, care & maintenance services, car cosmetic and more at low prices, via its app, website, WeChat account. Its 10,000+ partner garages and nationwide logistics network ensure that services booked online reach customers in no time.

B2B cloud-based human resource information system operated by Talenta provides easy access to payroll, attendance, leave requests and overtime logging; without the hassle of manual data entries, spreadsheets and paper records. Talenta is integrated with accounting software Jurnal and receipt scanning app Jojonomic. Payroll management services are also available.

Online marketplace for logistics services like removal services, vehicle rental, intra-city and inter-city shipping. aggregates services from many suppliers and offers a proprietary transport management system to maximize the use of empty vehicles. Real time tracking of deliveries available via website or Android app.

Botika’s “white label” chatbot can be customized for different businesses, including social media like Facebook, Line and Telegram. The platform also features dashboard, analytics and other chat functions such as message broadcasting. The chatbot can converse in Bahasa Indonesia via an AI engine that is equipped with NLP capabilities.

SaaS packages for payroll, invoicing and bank transactions. Supports all types of business, from retailers, e-commerce to P2P lending. Dashboard accessed through the website and APIs are available for higher degrees of customization.

SaaS model offering customized POS systems to retail and F&B businesses, accessible via Android mobile devices.Dashboard includes inventory, data analytics, loyalty programs and CRM functions. A companion app is available to help waiters in Pawoon-enabled stores to take orders and organize F&B billings to relevant tables.

8villages's PETANI app provides farming information and connects farmers to private and public stakeholders, such as agricultural products manufacturers and relevant government departments. Its new platform RegoPantes also helps farmers to sell directly to buyers at fair market prices, without going through agents or middlemen.

Automatic feeder machines for fish and shrimp farms. Farmers can control the feeders through eFishery’s smartphone app. Feeding can be done either manually or automatically according to feeding schedules. The app also includes a dashboard to help farm workers track feed amount and expenses.

HARA's “Crop Accurate” system collects and analyzes data from farmland through sensors, drones and satellite imagery. Data is processed to provide farming recommendations.Agritrack connects farmers to distributors and wholesalers, making pricing information more transparent. Crop insurance product is being developed, using historical weather and farming data.

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