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Agriculture & Fishery

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Tanijoy connects farmers looking to expand their production with landowners who have unused arable land. Its platform allows farmers and landowners to indicate their interest to be matched, after which Tanijoy will decide on a suitable agricultural project to implement. The platform also serves to crowdfund investments for farming projects.

Mobile-based livestock trading platform for users to buy either sheep or cattle. Physical livestock not transferred to users but are instead raised by Angon’s partner farmers, who are provided with guidance on animal husbandry and a salary. Angon offers a buyback scheme for the livestock following a three-month farming period.

Nongfenqi currently offers two main services. First, the startup provides loans to farmers to buy agricultural machinery and other necessary products. Second, the startup sells agricultural equipment directly to farmers who save money because Nongfenqi cuts out the middlemen. The startup is adding more services to benefit the agricultural community.

Tiantian Xuenong is a professionally-generated content platform that provides agricultural education. The courses, mainly delivered through videos and podcasts, are taught by agricultural experts and experienced farmers. The curriculum covers farming knowledge, national agricultural policies and business skills such as marketing and sales. Most courses require a subscription fee.

Web- and app-based investment crowdfunding platform for exported fishery products. A dashboard provides real-time updates on the investment, allowing investors to monitor the fishery’s condition and progress. Investments start at a minimum of IDR 100,000 (US$6.55) with potential returns of over 20%.

DycodeX’s flagship product is the SMARTernak, which consists of two types of cattle-mounted sensors: one for tracking location, movement and behavior and another for health monitoring. The company also develops a range of IoT appliances for security and tracking, including a GPS-enabled panic button and an IoT tracking board.

Agriculture-focused social and information platform for farmers, equipment suppliers and distributors as well as government officials. Users can exchange information, access an information library and search for farming supplies online. Updates on weather and official produce prices are also available. Accessed through web or Android app.

Crowd-investment platform for agricultural projects, from planting and animal rearing to selling and delivering produce. Crowde identifies farmers in need of funding, assesses the projects and farmers’ risk profiles before connecting them to individual investors. Available through website and Android app.

Automated real-time management solution for livestock farming. A plug-and-play box connects via GPRS/3G to multiple controllers across sheds for data collection, and to cloud-based platform that accesses those data, builds customized dashboards and generates reports on productivity-linked metrics (e.g., temperature, feed consumption)

NutraSign is a freemium tool for businesses to create traceability solutions. The traceability app uses blockchain technology to access the databases of producers, operators and distributors. Consumers can use the free app to easily trace the origins of selected items in real-time and view the source locations on Google Maps.

With IoT devices connected to a cloud platform, AgriSmart is a multi-functional system that offers real-time crop management and data updates via smartphones. Remote monitoring of greenhouse equipment includes curtain rolling for sunlight exposure, fire and security alerts. A basic greenhouse system costs RMB 10,000.

Customers can buy directly from partner farmers through e-marketplace TaniHub. TaniGroup also manages TaniFund, a P2P crowdlending platform where investors can select and finance various types of agricultural projects.

Magalarva feeds organic waste to black soldier fly (BSF) larvae. The larvae are harvested after two weeks and sold in live, dried or powdered form for use as animal feed or protein source in manufacturing. Larvae droppings are also gathered and sold as fertilizer.

UTW leverages drone photography and satellite imagery to perform varied, highly-accurate land surveys and technical inspections for B2B clients. It also delivers ML-driven data services for farmers, including crop yield predictions, resource-saving and production-boosting recommendations. Plans to introduce cloud-based SaaS to reach wider clientele.

KODI helps cooperatives track their finances and provide transparency to members. SaaS platform for logging financial activities, cash in/out, transactions, tax reports, etc. Automatically calculates each member's monthly contributions and profit-share at the end of financial year. Payment point/online commerce features as alternative revenue source for co-ops.

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