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Agriculture-focused social and information platform for farmers, equipment suppliers and distributors as well as government officials. Users can exchange information, access an information library and search for farming supplies online. Updates on weather and official produce prices are also available. Accessed through web or Android app.

DycodeX’s flagship product is the SMARTernak, which consists of two types of cattle-mounted sensors: one for tracking location, movement and behavior and another for health monitoring. The company also develops a range of IoT appliances for security and tracking, including a GPS-enabled panic button and an IoT tracking board.

Web- and app-based investment crowdfunding platform for exported fishery products. A dashboard provides real-time updates on the investment, allowing investors to monitor the fishery’s condition and progress. Investments start at a minimum of IDR 100,000 (US$6.55) with potential returns of over 20%.

Nongfenqi currently offers two main services. First, the startup provides loans to farmers to buy agricultural machinery and other necessary products. Second, the startup sells agricultural equipment directly to farmers who save money because Nongfenqi cuts out the middlemen. The startup is adding more services to benefit the agricultural community.

Mobile-based livestock trading platform for users to buy either sheep or cattle. Physical livestock not transferred to users but are instead raised by Angon’s partner farmers, who are provided with guidance on animal husbandry and a salary. Angon offers a buyback scheme for the livestock following a three-month farming period.

Tanijoy connects farmers looking to expand their production with landowners who have unused arable land. Its platform allows farmers and landowners to indicate their interest to be matched, after which Tanijoy will decide on a suitable agricultural project to implement. The platform also serves to crowdfund investments for farming projects.

High capacity firefighting commercial multirotor drones (up to 300 liters), with a double hexacopter configuration prepared for loading and discharge. They can spray water with pressure along the fire front (50 meters length) to create a firebreak line that stops fire expansion. Easy to reload. Dimensions 120 cm by 30 cm.

Habibi Garden provides sensors that detect essential farming data, including soil conditions, nutrient levels, humidity and temperature.

User-friendly water sensors and analytics in cloud platform for shrimp farmers. Jala offers a suite of IoT or smart sensors that are able to detect salinity, pH, oxygen levels and other water quality markers. Data is sent to the cloud for real-time monitoring by farmers via app.

HARA's “Crop Accurate” system collects and analyzes data from farmland through sensors, drones and satellite imagery. Data is processed to provide farming recommendations.Agritrack connects farmers to distributors and wholesalers, making pricing information more transparent. Crop insurance product is being developed, using historical weather and farming data.

Automatic feeder machines for fish and shrimp farms. Farmers can control the feeders through eFishery’s smartphone app. Feeding can be done either manually or automatically according to feeding schedules. The app also includes a dashboard to help farm workers track feed amount and expenses.

8villages's PETANI app provides farming information and connects farmers to private and public stakeholders, such as agricultural products manufacturers and relevant government departments. Its new platform RegoPantes also helps farmers to sell directly to buyers at fair market prices, without going through agents or middlemen.

Online platform offering drone spraying and precision agriculture services by connecting drone operators with farmers. A drone carries 10 kg of pesticide and flies 1.5 to 2 meters above crops at a speed of 5 to 8 meters per second. Via website or app. Company also offers SaaS and dynamic pricing for agro-dealers.

Lets customers order fresh foods via its app, website, WeChat account, before consolidating orders to buy directly from farmers. Produce is kept in cold storage until directly delivered to Fresh Market’s smart self-pickup refrigeration units installed in communities. With 9:30AM, 4:30PM deliveries daily, at prices 15% lower than market

China's largest fresh food online supplier for restaurants. Order by app or WeChat mini-program in the evening for next-day 6am onward free delivery. Sources directly from farmers; prices up to 36% cheaper than market. Payment by Alipay, WeChat Pay, on delivery.

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