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Adskom delivers integrated digital advertising solutions and business services to industry clients. It also manages campaigns on behalf of clients. It offers three automated or programmatic advertising platforms: supply-side platform AXON for ad publishers, agency trading desk ACTIO and data analytics tool VASA.

Starting out as a “music stock exchange”, Tradiio has evolved into a rewards-based music discovery platform. Its exclusive direct subscription service enables musicians to earn monthly income from fans in exchange for exclusive content, merchandise, etc. Available on web, Android and iOS.

Association bringing together “we media” content creators/publishers, helping them to reach, market to a wider audience; monetize content by bringing onboard merchants, business partners. Also runs an incubator for related startups; Jiukan app for content showcase, connecting we media publishers with merchants; Xiongmao Liangpin e-commerce app selling high-end lifestyle products.

GetSocial lets clients add share buttons throughout their online stores and analyzes the virality of their content in real time. It tracks shares on public social media as well as private channels (WhatsApp messages, LINE, etc.). Via GetSocial’s Automation feature, its algorithms determine when its clients’ customers are most active and whether they are posting content at the optimum time.

Discounts / rewards app on iOS and Android. The Paprika Points (PP) loyalty scheme allows customers to earn points or redeem rewards and discounts at partner outlets. The retailers benefit from big data analytics collated by Paprika. They can also promote products and obtain feedback through an in-app chat function.

Partnering print service providers, 360imprimir is an e-store offering SMEs a variety of high-quality marketing collaterals across Europe and the Americas, delivered within 48 hours. Its in-house software helps partners consolidate orders, optimize production and cut costs by up to 80%. Customers upload their own design or use easy-to-use templates.

Beonprice operates an intelligent big data-driven Revenue Management System (RMS) for the hospitality industry. Real-time updates on bookings, published rates, competitors and quality ratings can maximize hotel occupancy at optimal room rates every day. Different RMS packages are available including a fully automated RMS.

B2B analytics platform connecting brands to influencers worldwide. Influencers can monetize content and measure outcomes of brand engagement and campaigns across channels. Proprietary AI software produces insights based on data collated from millions of influencers to help clients to design more effective social media campaigns aimed at target audiences.

Orange 100 helps enterprises and individuals looking to launch pop-up shops or host events rent unused space at shopping malls, movie theaters, etc. The platform provides support services such as events planning, project execution, scene arrangement and new media marketing via third-party suppliers.

Mars Rabbit is an app that facilitates express checkout and easy payment at retail outlets. It enables shoppers to scan barcodes and pay online without lining up at cash registers. Before leaving, shoppers must go through a special checkout stand where a staff member verifies they paid for their purchases.

Huajuan Mall sells cosmetics, clothes, snacks, alcoholic drinks, dietary supplements, home furnishings, accessories, etc., via its mobile app and website. The platform hosts short and live videos through which online influencers recommend items to users. Users can also pay to watch online makeup tutorial videos.

Besides helping restaurants to operate their online stores on third-party delivery platforms like Meituan and, Shiheng Tech also provides consultancy services to help clients to improve their offline operations. Its big data system, iShiheng, can monitor product sales data and analyze customer behavior, translating them into actionable insights.

IMOOJI is a browser-based service for creating interactive digital brochures online. It has templates for building interactive image galleries and for including calls-to-action buttons and feedback forms. It also has a feature to include links for brochures to be sent via social media, email or chat apps. 

Supply-side platform (SSP) for web publishers. Marfeel's technology converts webpages into mobile-friendly sites and optimizes online media space by utilizing the Real Time Bidding approach, providing one-point-integration to multiple ad exchanges. The content is dynamically adjusted based on user behavior to attract and retain readers, boosting engagement and revenues.

Zaihui provides SaaS-based customer loyalty solutions and marketing promotional tools that use AI and data analytics to retailers, particularly in the F&B industry. It offers seven products that have slightly different focuses: loyalty management, new user acquisition, takeout business management, data analysis, reward programs, membership development and brand maintenance.

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